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YASC Ltd. (Yet Another Software Company) is an joint venture of independent software authors sharing information and experience to bring our clients the highest possible quality at an industry competing low price.
Sniff'em is a revolutionary network management tool ingeniously designed to help IT personnel proactively monitor their organizations network. Sniff'em is a study in simplicity.
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Purge-It! heavily resides on the capability of the End-user. In order to deploy Purge-It! at its full strength the user needs to know at least the basics.
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Harden-It™ is a Network and System hardening tool for Windows, by hardening the IP stack your Network can sustain or completely thwart various sophisticated network attacks.


Secure-It is a local Windows security hardening tool, proactively secure your PC by either disabling the intrusion and propagation vectors proactively or simply reduce the attack surface by disabling unimportant functions.
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