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packet sniffer
What is a Packet Sniffer or Network Sniffer ?
A Packet Sniffer is a program that captures, monitors and analyzes network traffic, detecting bottlenecks and other network related problems. Using this information, a network manager can keep traffic flowing efficiently. A packet sniffer can also be used legitimately or illegitimately to capture data being transmitted over a network.



What Windows versions are supported ?
Sniff'em™ is compatible with Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.

Which network adapters are supported by Sniffem™ ?
Sniff'em™ supports every Network adapter that can be put into promiscuous mode, promiscuous mode is is an standard requirement for Network Adapters. Sniff'em ™ does support nearly all devices, this does include USB devices and WiFi (Wireless) equipment.

What Protocols and Ethernet codes is Sniff'em™ able to detect ?

Sniff'em ™ detects a wide range of low-level protocols as well as high-level protocols such as IP protocols, Real-time Ethernet fingerprinting is supported aswell with over 4700 vendor codes.

All protocols can be easily added or changed by using a graphical interface inside the settings dialog; besides decoding an entire range of protocols, Sniff'em ™ does currently advanced decoding of Netbios and DNS packets.

Why should I/we choose Sniff'em™ over other Network Packet Sniffers ?

Sniff'em ™ has been designed to redefine the way data analysis and data displayal is being done today. This however has been done keeping the price as competitive as possible, some Network sniffer with the same functionality as Sniff'em™ are priced from 900$ up to 3000$ some even higher. It is your choice, you are free to download and test Sniff'em ™ and it's current capabilities, then decide if these other Packet sniffer are still worth their money. Read what other persons and the International Press thinks about Sniff'em ™.

We are flexible.
We are not a multi-million dollar company, we are very flexible and will listen to your needs and suggestions, if you would like to see a special feature or a special protocol added to Sniff'em ™, simply let us know.

packet sniffer


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